Teno Haflinger Stud
About Us

At Teno Haflinger Stud our vision is to bring the finest quality European Haflingers to Australia. 

We breed carefully selected imported mares with semen from stallions of the highest quality to produce outstanding offspring.

Our impeccable standards and emphasis on quality rather than quantity set us apart as breeders. 

Teno Haflinger Stud was born when the owner retired from formal employment and bought his first Haflinger. He named the horse Teno after his birthplace in Austria, having many fond memories of Haflingers from his childhood there.

So unfolded a long-awaited dream of breeding this remarkable horse in Western Australia.

We have since grown and developed and Teno Haflinger Stud has become a forerunner in the breeding of quality European Haflingers in Australia.

Haflingers were originally used in Austria for agricultural work however their performance in a wide range of activities has earned them a reputation as the "universal leisure horse." They are well-suited to recreational riding, harness work and equestrian events. 

Haflingers have a gentle and friendly temperament. They are an excellent horse for experienced and novice horsemen alike.

Teno Haflinger Stud is located in the foothills of Perth at Bedfordale, Western Australia.